Red Wildflower Flower Floral Tie

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Your necktie says a lot about you. Mandujour's Red Wildflower Flower Floral Tie makes a subtle yet powerful statement that will speak volumes about your sophisticated style. Bring out your wild side with this red and white floral pattern tie. We create and design amazing ties you can proudly wear for any occasion. We make high quality neckwear that is uniquely fashionable and affordable, so you can look both trendy and classy whenever you suit up.

HAND-MADE COTTON: We take extra care in the selection of our fabrics. This tie is handmade out of a high quality, cotton floral material that will be comfortable to wear and make a smart addition to your wardrobe. The Red Wildflower Flower Floral Tie by Mandujour is extremely well made and designed for fashion and suitability, offering a comfortable accent to your men’s neck tie collection. Our ties are handmade by artisans using 100% cotton.

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